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"We totally invented


sparkle jerseys

-Romy & Michelle

Sparkle Sports accidentally began in 2014. I had recently graduated from college with an Art Degree and was planning on a web and graphic design career. Out of the blue, I gave Cody Simpson concert tickets to my tween cousins. My cousins thought they were too grown-up to make concert t-shirts, so my mom and I went on a search for something that no girl could refuse. We laughed at a display of brightly colored sequin material and thought how funny it would be to make full sequin football jerseys.

So, my mom and I went to work creating the first sparkle football jersey out of turquoise sequin fabric. At first, my cousins were not interested in wearing our "Team Cody" jerseys...until they saw them. 

On the way home from the concert, my and mom and I joked about how we should start a business selling full sequin athletic wear. We even laughed about calling our business "Sparkle Sports." Needless to say, by the time we pulled into our small, South Georgia town, our business plan was born. My mom and I bought 25 yards of fabric and set up a makeshift "factory" in our backyard shed. We perfected athletic patterns so the fit was more feminine. We cut out the jerseys and the lettering by hand, before sending the jerseys to my dad's athletic company to be sewn together. Within one month of the Cody Simpson concert, we set out to sell our jerseys using 6 or 7 samples. 

Since then, we have perfected our jerseys by adding athletic trim, twill numbers, and comfortable linings. Our Sparkle jerseys are completely custom-made in my dad's family business (Bob's Athletic Wear), that was founded in 1974 by my grandfather, Bob Eunice. Today, Bob's Athletics is owned and operated by my dad, Chad Eunice, and it also houses Sparkle Sports. Our manufacturing company is still located in Moultrie, Ga. and every item is made in the USA. 

May 23rd, 2017 marks the day that Sparkle Sports relaunched its website and offered an extensive, online store. Sparkle Sports is proud to "spread sparkle one sequin at a time" throughout the United States.

- Jaycee

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