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- Are your sequin jerseys itchy or scratchy?


No, our sequin jerseys are completely lined to ensure comfort. 

- Do sparkle jerseys work for a plus size or curvy girl?

Definitely! Our long jersey shirt was designed to be flattering for any figure. Curvy girls love that they are wide through the torso, but appear to be slim. The longer style is made to cover your "biscuits," so it is the perfect fit for all sizes.

- Can a skinny mini wear a long jersey shirt?

Of course! Our long jersey shirt was designed to be flattering for any figure. Skinny minis also love the longer, flattering fit of our long jersey shirt. This style is a favorite for all sizes.

- Do I have to be a cheerleader or sorority girl to wear a sequin jersey?

Every girl needs a sparkle jersey! Sparkle jerseys are a great way to support your team or club off the field. As a matter of fact, our local high school stadium is full of students and fans wearing are sparkle jerseys.

- Am I too old for a sequin jersey?

Ummm, heck no! Our sparkle jerseys are meant for everyone from newborns to grandmas! Some of our biggest fans are moms and grandmas who want something unique to wear to special events.

- Do I have to be a cheer or football mom to wear a sequin jersey?

Everybody loves sparkle jerseys! We have many school faculty and staff members who love sparkle jerseys and wear them to support their school throughout the year. The awesome thing about sparkle jerseys is they offer a cute alternative to a screen-printed, baggy t-shirt.

- "Hey, I love your jerseys, but I'm not a glitter girl. Do you have something special for me?"

First of all, everybody needs a little sequin in their life! However, we can make you a personalized jersey in athletic fabric (with no sequins). E-mail Jaycee for custom options that are not listed on our website and we can find the perfect jersey for you!

- Can I get something to wear to a concert or special event that is not on your website?

Yes, girl! Sparkle Sports can create any custom jersey for ANY concert or event. We have made jerseys for girls to go T-Swift's concert last fall and they looked amazing. 

- Can anyone do group orders or a fundraiser?

Yes! Contact Jaycee at to get information on our group rates and fundraising options. We also offer t-shirts, hoodies, tanks, and boy jerseys (screen-printed) to go along with our sequin jerseys for group orders / fundraisers. 

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